Time and material
T&M Ruby hosting support
  1. Remote or on-site support

    Experienced system administrators look forward to helping you with the planning, installation, operation and extension on your active application. Also tasks in third-party data centres can be taken over without difficulty.

    Experienced Sys-Admins take care of your Rails application.

  2. Migration of existing hosting systems

    Migrating a live application to a new hosting platform is a challenge. Develop a migration plan along with experienced Rails hosting supporters.

    A dedicated physical server for your Ruby on Rails application.

  3. Investor and security audits

    The business is taking off and you have lined up a big investment partner. This is where making a professional impression really counts. Together we develop a security concept and work our way through your potential investor′s question catalogue.

    Benefit from our experience.

  4. System architecture

    Developers and technicians from the data centre often seem to speak different languages. Use our supporters to bridge the gap.

    Setup of hosting cluster for running your application.

  5. Automated installation

    It is especially fast growing Rails clusters or cloud solutions that require experienced system administrators for the automation of installation processes.

    Automated installation with Opscode Chef.

The planning of the required Ruby on Rails hosting infrastructure forms part of planning in the phase before going live of a long term development. Solve tricky hosting architecture questions by getting advice from our experienced supporters.

In addition to the professional hosting of your Ruby on Rails application, our well versed team of experts is available to help you if required in the design, development and support of your Ruby on Rails application. — Julian Fischer, CEO, anynines GmbH